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Lakewood retailers in Italy


Dealers that list their stock on our web page are marked with a green flag (). Click on the flag to look at the complete stock of the respective store.
Store with address
Phone / Fax
Musica Nuova di Pisciarelle E.
Your contact person: Enrico Pisciarelli
Via C.Battisti, 10/12
00045 Genzano di Roma RM
Phone: 06-9391646
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Dealer stock on hand
Magic Sound Strumenti Musicali srl
Your contact person: Francesco Siniscalchi
Via Pietro Nenni, 6F
00065 Fiano Romano RM
Phone: 0765-481091
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Arte Musica Strumenti Musicali di Motto
Your contact person: Roberto Motto
Via XXV Aprile 2/4
10010 Quincinetto TO
Phone: +39(0)125-757393
Fax: +39(0)125-757393
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Liuteria Alvermann
Your contact person: Francesco Steardo
Corso Nazioni Unite n. 82
10073 Ciriè TO
Phone: +39(0)11-9210227
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Merula Marco Strumenti

Via S. Rocco 20
12060 Roreto di Cherasco CN
Phone: +39(0)172-495591
Fax: +39(0)172-495107
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Guitar di Zitarosa
Your contact person: Roberto Zitarosa
Strada Ribrocca, n.2
15057 Tortona AL
Phone: +39(0)131-821633
Fax: +39(0)131-821633
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Begnis Pianoforti di Begnis milo

Via Mauro Gavazzeni, 2
24125 Bergamo BG
Phone: 035-4592832
Fax: 035-3840468
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La Pietra Music Planet SNC
Your contact person: Luigi Forti
Via Del Commercio 13
38100 Trento TN
Phone: +39(0)461-230578
Fax: +39(0)461-268420
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Aramini strumenti musicali
Your contact person: Roberta Aramini
Via XXV Aprile, 36
40057 Cadriano di Granarolo E. BO
Phone: +39(0)51-6020011
Fax: +39(0)51-6020066
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G&E Music Lab

Via delle Cento Stelle 22c
50137 Firenze FI
Phone: +39(0)55-609061
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Acustica Online
Your contact person: Andrea
Via San Sebastiano, 5
80134 Napoli NA
Phone: +39(0)81-459530
Fax: +39(0)81-446460
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