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Ecological Aspects


Can lutherie be reconciled with ecology?
Nowadays ecology is seen as protection of the environment. This simplification does ignores the true meaning of the concept as expressed in its Greek origin, namely 'the science of the household'.

At Lakewood, we see our production holistically. This includes our employees, the production line, suppliers and our local and international trading partners. We manufacture, market, transport, repair and communicate about all of this.

The commitment and knowledge of our employees is our most valuable asset and the essence of each Lakewood guitar. We are committed to the well-being of each employee and respect their individual dreams and objectives. Our concern is for ongoing employee development and we strive for long term relationships with all of them. All Lakewood employees live in the vicinity of the company and have friendships and family there.

The manufacture of our guitars to the requisite standards of precision and reliability is only possible with a high level of technology. There is no real alternative to the necessary electricity and gas energy requirements. We are committed to the well planned, sparing use of primary energy sources but not CO2 certificates which allow people to buy their way out of responsibilities.
Our contribution consists of knowledge about our energy profile and the targeted reduction of usage for every guitar built by us.

Tone woods are the souls of our instruments. Together with our suppliers we are accountable for the socially responsible utilization of these resources. We only purchase timber which bears a certificate of origin from suppliers who reforest and manage sustainably.
The beauty of timber is in the eye of the beholder. All of us, luthiers and guitarists alike, should prepare for a time soon when wood used for building instruments, although excelling tonally, might fall short cosmetically. What is today regarded as a 'flaw' will in future be viewed as the timber's natural expression.

The embedding of ecological aspects into Lakewood's household is a daily commitment. The full knowledge of everything we do will not only improve each of our guitars but also the contribution we make to a positive future.

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