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A list of even more musicians


This page shows a list of musicians that we know of that play our guitars. Sorted in alphabetical order.
Guitar model
Aaron Douglas   United Kingdom Aaron Douglas' Homepage M-24 CPG Artist image
Albert Frey   Germany Albert Frey's Homepage M-52 CP, D-53 CP Artist image
Angelo Kelly   Germany Angelo Kelly's Homepage D-14 CP, D-32 Artist image
Anne Haigis   Germany Anne Haigis' Homepage   Artist image
Arne Kopfermann   Germany Arne Kopfermann's Homepage M-32 CP, A-32 CP Artist image
Bill Dutcher   United States (USA) Bill Dutcher's Homepage M-22 Cut Ragtime Artist image
Carl Carlton Maffay, Songdogs Germany Carl Carlton's Homepage D-48 custom Artist image
Christian Lidsba Stanfour Germany Christian Lidsba's Homepage J-32 CP Artist image
Christina Lux   Germany Christina Lux's Homepage D-50 Artist image
Claas-P. Jambor 4 Ugly Daughters Germany Claas-P. Jambor's Homepage M-32 CP Artist image
Dave Matthews Dave Matthews Band United States (USA) Dave Matthews' Homepage M-32, M-32 cut Artist image
Eric Bazillian The Hooters United States (USA)   D-18, Mandolin Artist image
Francesco Faldani   Italy Francesco Faldani's Homepage M-18 Artist image
Gabor Lesko   Italy Gabor Lesko's Homepage D-32 CP, D-54, M-45 custom Artist image
Giovanni Palombo   Italy Giovanni Palombo's Homepage M-32 CP Artist image
Glen Phillips   United States (USA) Glen Phillips' Homepage M-32 Artist image
Gregor Meyle   Germany Gregor Meyle's Homepage M-32 CP, D-32 custom Artist image
Guido Donot Donots Germany Guido Donot's Homepage D-14 heavy relic Artist image
Jade Gallagher   United Kingdom Jade Gallagher's Homepage A-32, A-32 CP Artist image
Jakob Bruckner   Germany Jakob Bruckner's Homepage M-32 custom, M-32, A-36 custom Artist image
Jens Burger Die Schröders & Monsters of Liedermaching Germany Jens Burger's Homepage M-18 cut, D-14 Artist image
Julian Dawson   United Kingdom Julian Dawson's Homepage A-14, J-32 Artist image
Klaus Göttler   Germany Klaus Göttler's Homepage M-32, A-14 CP, J-14 Bariton Artist image
Linda Bender & Chris Schillinger Bender & Schillinger Germany Linda Bender & Chris Schillinger's Homepage M-31 custom Artist image
Marcus Fechner Suntears Germany Marcus Fechner's Homepage M-32, D-14 CP Artist image
Mark Hogan   Ireland Mark Hogan's Homepage D-14 custom Artist image
Markus Vollmer Sing meinen Song Germany Markus Vollmer's Homepage M-31 custom, J-32 Bariton, M-14, D-18 Artist image
Matt Anderson   Canada Matt Anderson's Homepage J-32 CP Artist image
Meike Koester   Germany Meike Koester's Homepage D-12, J-14 Artist image
Micki Piperno   Italy Micki Piperno's Homepage M-32 CP Artist image
Mike Brosnan   New Zealand Mike Brosnan's Homepage M-32 CP, M-32 CPB Artist image
Natasha Meister Natasha Meister Band South Africa Natasha Meister's Homepage M-14 custom Artist image
Nicholas Mueller von Brücken Germany Nicholas Mueller's Homepage D-31 custom, J-14 Bariton Artist image
Nico Rebscher Lauter Leben Germany Nico Rebscher's Homepage M-18 custom, M-31 CP Artist image
Norman Keil   Germany Norman Keil's Homepage M-18 CP Artist image
Raph Krauss Krauss Switzerland Raph Krauss' Homepage D-32 Artist image
Ritchie Blackmore Blackmore's Night United Kingdom Ritchie Blackmore's Homepage A-32, Moon-Guitar, 12-string Lute-Guitar Artist image
Robert C. Blank   Germany Robert C. Blank's Homepage A-32, M-32 custom, D-18 CP Artist image
Rui Veloso   Portugal Rui Veloso's Homepage M-NC CP Artist image
Sarah Brendel   Germany Sarah Brendel's Homepage M-32, M-32 CP Artist image
Steven Law   Hong Kong Steven Law's Homepage M-32 CP Artist image
Sungha Jung   Korea (South Korea) Sungha Jung's Homepage A-48 custom, Sungha Jung Signature Model Artist image
Thom Yorke Radiohead United Kingdom Thom Yorke's Homepage M-14 Artist image
Thorsten Wingenfelder Fury in the Slaughterhouse Germany Thorsten Wingenfelder's Homepage M-54, M-14, Stage Artist image
Tim Sparks   United States (USA) Tim Sparks' Homepage A-32 custom Artist image
Ulle Rohde von Brücken, Roger Cicero, BAP Germany Ulle Rohde's Homepage J-14 Bariton Artist image
Ulli Boegershausen   Germany Ulli Boegershausen's Homepage Ulli Bögershausen Signature Modell, D-54-12 Artist image
Uwe Metzler   Germany Uwe Metzler's Homepage D-14 custom Artist image
Wallis Bird   Ireland Wallis Bird's Homepage M-32, M-14 custom Artist image
Wolf Maahn   Germany Wolf Maahn's Homepage M-32 custom Artist image