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New Lakewood Edition Series


New Lakewood Edition Series

Just in time for the turn of the year, we present the guitars of our new Edition Series 2021. We are very excited to offer you new interesting and varied guitar models! This much is revealed beforehand, we have played a little with with color..., that felt kind of good!

In addition to the guitar models themselves, there are also some new Customshop options that we are adding right now and to the guitar designing tool very soon. New to the Customshop will be:

  • Fingerboard inlay Celtic Knots (as in the M-24 Edition 2021).
  • Soundhole rings made of Mother of Pearl instead of abalone (applicable to all soundhole options, seen on the C-14 Edition 2021, pictured right).
  • The L.R. Baggs Session VTC pickup system replaces the Element system (seen in M-35 Edition 2021)
  • The fretboard inlay Circle can now also be ordered in abalone (as seen in M-53 Edition 2021)
In order to be able to present the guitars online as well as possible and bring them to life a little better, so to speak, we asked musician Ingo M├╝tzel to record videos of the new Edition 2021 models in which he shows us something of the versatility of the models. The result is some great performance videos!
Well, are you a little curious?

(published: 15/12/2020)