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A hearty welcome into the Lakewood Family

We are delighted that you have chosen a Lakewood guitar. Our instruments are built with all the know-how and experience necessary for the production of a quality guitar. If you treat this valuable instrument correctly, it will provide a lifetime of joy and musical inspiration.

You will find tips for the treatment and maintenance of your guitar in the Guitar Passport which is issued with your new instrument or the extensive information on our FAQ section of the web site.
Information on the guarantee conditions and warranty may be found at Lakewood Warranty.

Why register your guitar?
There are a number of reasons for this. If you register your personal data together with your guitar’s data with us we will be equipped with all relevant details such as address, email and telephone number immediately in case of need, such as a service. Should your guitar be lost or stolen we will be able to assist with the relevant registration details. During your registration, you will be entitled to order the Lakewood Newsletter.
Of course in addition we will celebrate your inclusion in the Lakewood family!


Registration form


Please fill in all with * marked fields completely. Don't click on the refresh button of your browser during the entire registration process.

Personal information Information on your guitar
Appellation:* Model name:* For info hover mouse here
You can find the model name inside your guitar on the yellow paper label. The exact model name is marked right above the Lakewood Logo next to the statement "Model:".
First name* & Last name:* Serial number:* For info hover mouse here
The serial number is hand-written on the paper label right after the #-sign. Please note that we write the digits in the following manner:
Digit sample
Street:* Date of purchase:* Calendar
ZIP*, City:* Buying price:
County/Region: Bought at dealer:* For info hover mouse here
Please enter the name of the store where you bought the guitar. It is not necessary to fill in the complete address.
If you bought the guitar from a private person, just enter "private" here.
Email address:* For info hover mouse here
We do not ask you to enter your email address twice. But we kindly ask you to carefully check on its correctness!
Phone: Buying reason / comment: For info hover mouse here
Here's your chance to leave a free worded message for us. What did you like best? Did you get a good guidance in the store? Is there possibly criticism?
Please don't send us questions in this form field, but use our contact form instead.
By activating the comment checkbox (a little further down the page) you can release your comment for being used as a public comment on our web site.
date of birth: Calendar  
(You can revoke this agreement any time find the complete Lakewood data protection statement here)

We are collecting your comments and remarks in order to give you a voice on our pages. On some pages customer comments will be (anonymously and randomly) displayed.
Your data will be sent through a secure SSL connection. Your data will be treated confidentially, only saved for customer service purposes and will not be given to other parties or companies.