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Our suppliers


What wants to be good must come from trustful sources

suppliersWe are lucky having worked with a whole long row of suppliers for many years now. Experience and a lot of trusting are the main ingredients for buying the real good materials. Because we can only make good guitars if our suppliers provide perfect goods.
The following shows you an overview of the main suppliers we work with.

Wood traders

Fritz Kollitz
Location: Weisendorf, Mittelfranken, Germany
Supplies: Spruce, cedar, maple, ovangkol, mahogany, cherry, padouk
Web site:

Theodor Nagel Basel GmbH
Location: Switzerland
Supplies: Rosewood, ebony, snake wood, cocobolo, cedro
Web site:

Logemann & Waibel oHG
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Supplies: Spruce, cedar, myrtle, claro walnut, ziricote
Web site:

Luthiers Mercantile
Location: USA
Supplies: Ziricote, macassar ebony
Web site:

Winkler Woods
Location: Hawaii
Supplies: Koa
Web site:

Maderas Barber S.A.
Location: Spain
Supplies: Cedro
Web site:

Octopus Wood
Location: Turkey
Supplies: Cypress
Web site:


Schaller electronic GmbH
Location: Postbauer-Heng, Germany
Supplies: Machine heads
Web site:

Thomas Hermann
Location: Ludwigsburg, Germany
Supplies: Purfling and bindung materials
Web site:

Materials and More
Location: Büttelborn, Germany
Supplies: Bone nuts and saddles, raw pearl material, bridges

Cedros GmbH
Location: Sigmaringen, Germany
Supplies: Bridge pins, strap buttons, tuners buttons, raw pearl material
Web site:

Van Gent
Location: Holland
Supplies: fret wire
Web site:

Hiscox Cases
Location: UK
Supplies: guitar cases
Web site:

L.R.Baggs Inc.
Location: USA
Supplies: pickup systems
Web site:

Location: USA
Supplies: Strings
Web site:

Guitar photography

René Weiss - Photography
Location: Gießen, Germany
Supplies: great photos for the catalogue and web site
Web site:


Web site & software

Eleco Software GmbH
Location: Hameln / Bad Aarolsen, Germany
Supplies: Server and plug-in for the 3D guitar designing tool, technical support
Web site: /

Location: USA
Supplies: an estimate location of the user's ISP (which we use for the guitar search)
Web site: