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Lakewood musicians


Where would we be without our inspiring musicians!?!
Here we are introducing some of the fantastic artists we have the fabulous pleasure to work with. We need to point out the fact that we are here talking about a very small pool of selected guitarists, that we decided we want to present you in a special kind of way on these pages. We hope you enjoy.
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Artist image Nando G. Miguel

Artist: Nando G. Miguel

Origin: Spain

Guitar model: D-18 CP

Homepage: www.lafuga.net


What's special about Nando G. Miguel?
Nando G. Miguel started playing the guitar before he had one in his hands. He started phrasing and composing before caressing its six strings for the very first time. You really become a musician before you begin playing an instrument. You start thinking, dreaming, perceiving, glimpsing among sounds and translating your feels into melodies.

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Artist image Wallis Bird

Artist: Wallis Bird

Origin: Ireland

Guitar model: M-14 custom, M-32

Homepage: www.wallisbird.com


What's special about Wallis Bird?
If you have not seen Wallis Bird live, you will not know what she's on about!

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Artist image Ulli Bögershausen

Artist: Ulli Bögershausen

Origin: Germany

Guitar model: Ulli Bögershausen Signature Modell, D-54-12

Homepage: www.boegershausen.de


What's special about Ulli Bögershausen?
His eye for the essence of a song is unsurpassed. Who once plunged into the world of Ulli Bögershausen doesn't want to leave it so quickly again.

Learn more about Ulli Bögershausen!

Artist image Sungha Jung

Artist: Sungha Jung

Origin: Korea (South Korea)

Guitar model: Sungha Jung Signature Modell, M-18 custom, A-48 custom

Homepage: www.sunghajung.com


What's special about Sungha Jung?
First he was a jawdropper, because he was so young and more than just good. A little later everybody was thrilled!

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Artist image Bill Dutcher

Artist: Bill Dutcher

Origin: United States (USA)

Guitar model: M-22 custom, J-32 custom

Homepage: www.billdutcher.com


What's special about Bill Dutcher?
All rules are thrown out the window and an improvisational circus explodes before your eyes.

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